Are the New England Patriots Cheating…Again?



Being an Eagles fan, I have much anger towards the New England Patriots and their cheating ways. As many know, they’ve been under fire since being suspected of spying on other NFL teams, which essentially allowed them to know and anticipate their opponent’s play calling.

In their recent 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts, more fuel is being added to an already burning fire. There is an ingoing investigation against the Patriots in which 11 of 12 footballs were not inflated to the league standard during their AFC Championship victory. Having under inflated footballs, allows for better gripping and alters its path in-air.

It should be interesting to see this story unfold. Is it fair for them to advance at this point?

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Wednesday Morning QB (Championship Weekend)

The Sport Addiction

The Super Bowl is almost here and the teams have been decided after an interesting championship weekend. Both games had plenty of storylines with the top ranked teams in each conference getting the chance to move to the Super Bowl. In the AFC there was a massive underdog led by the best young quarterback in the league as he tried to take on and beat a legend for the second week in a row. The NFC featured a second place team in a matchup of the tow powerhouses of the conference. It was a weekend of great football but when the dust settled there was a clear difference between the two conferences. The AFC and NFC have always been two very different conferences in the NFL. On one side was the old school NFC with traditional teams and on the other was the AFC with new teams and a new…

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This weekend we had some good playoff games. We had a surprising beat when the Colts beat the Broncos. Payton Manning just couldn’t seem to use “Omaha” to win this game. After the Colts winning 24-13 the Colts advance to verse the New England Patriots. The Patriots beat the Ravens after being down the whole game. The last quarter the Patriots threw everything they had. They even made a new play that scored a touchdown as Edelman completes the pass to Amindola. The Seahawks beat the Panthers after a good game, they won 31-17. They go against the Packers after they beat the Cowboys 26-21.

NFL 2014: Week #16-The Furnace’s Five Best Bets


*Home team in CAPS

Chargers +1 over the 49ERS- The Niners have completely given up on head coach Jim Harbaugh and it has shown over the last three weeks, all losses, one of them to the lowly Raiders. Colin Kaepernick has been less than stellar in the last three contests garnering just 121, 174, and 141 passing yards. The Chargers are still fighting for a playoff spot and need this game too much to let S.F. have their way with them. Player to watch: Antonio Gates

Giants +5 1/2 over the RAMS- The Giants have been coming together as a team on the both sides of the ball. Odell Beckham Jr. leads all rookies in receiving yards (972) and touchdown catches (9). Eli Manning, thanks in part to Beckham, has shown signs of the Manning of old. Jason Pierre-Paul has six sacks in the past three games while Johnathan Hankings has collected 3.5. Rams…

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Wednesday Morning QB (NFL Week 15)

The Sport Addiction

Well the honeymoon phase is over in Cleveland after Johnny Manziel got his first start for the Browns in Week 15. There had been plenty of build up after Manziel dropped to 23 in the 2014 draft despite his great playmaking ability in college. He was not considered the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft though. His size scared many and his multiple issues off of the field made a lot of teams pass on him. As he watched the teams go by it seemed as though it would be a repeat of Aaron Rodgers on draft day, a painful measure in watching a player sit in the blue room waiting for his name to be called. That is exactly what happened as Manziel dropped far beyond what many people thought he would. Seeing an opportunity to build quickly the Cleveland Browns traded into the first round for a second…

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Nominees Selected for 2014 Week 15 Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week Honors (Gallery)

The Knight's Lance

2014 Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week Week 15 Beckham Nom Blog

We love NFL rookies at Panini America. We love interacting with them at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere every summer. We love the fact that with their potential and their performances, they drive sales of every NFL product we make every year. But you want to know who loves NFL rookies as much as we do? Pepsi and football collectors.

Indeed, the folks at Pepsi get just as excited we all do about NFL Rookie performances each week during the season. And that’s exactly why once again this season, for the fourth straight year, Panini America and Pepsi have joined forces to help promote Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week voting and Panini America NFL Rookie Cards.

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