Good Games On Sunday

After that good game on thursday with the Browns beating the Bengals 24-3, there weren’t many good games on Sunday. Starting off with the closest game, 49er’s and the Saints went into the same 4-4 evenly matched. The game was close the entire time and came down to an overtime win. The 49er’s kicked a field goal in overtime for the win. It was a goon game to watch. The next game was the Chiefs and the bills. Going into the game the Chiefs had more wins then the Bills and the outcome expressed that. The Bills had the game and the lead almost the whole time. In the 4th quarter they fell apart. The Chiefs went down and scored 2 touchdowns in the last quarter to take the lead and win the game 17-13. The next game was the Cowboys and the Jaguars. The Jaguars are horrible and have only won one game. The cowboys come through with another win making there record 7-3 having the most wins in the NFC east. They beat the Jaguars 31-17 nearly giving them a chance until the last quarter. The next game was the Falcons and the Buccaneers, and both these teams are horrible, just one bad team is better then the other bad team. The Falcons(3-6) beat the Buccaneers(1-8) 27-17. It was a close game but the last quarter the Falcons gave them all they had and won it. The next game was the Giants and the Seahawks and the score wasn’t surprising. The Seahawks beat the Giants 38-17 trying to catch up to the Cardinals in the NFC west. Going into the second half the Giants had the lead but just fell apart. From there the Seahawks took control and won the game by 24. The next game was Bears and the Packers. The Packers were 6-3 and destroyed there bears with an interesting game. They played very well and beat the Bears 55-14. The Packers didn’t even let the Bears get any points until the second quarter. The next game was the Titians and the Ravens. The Titians are horrible and lost of course. The Ravens aren’t that bad and beat the Titians 21-7 scoring a touchdown in each quarter except the first. The next game was the Dolphins and the Lions. Lions are doing pretty good this year and beat the Dolphins 20-16 keeping first place in the NFC north. The next game was the Steelers and the Jets. The Steelers are blaming Justin Bieber for it and i say blame him. The lost 20-13 to one of the worst teams in the NFL. Blame Justin Bieber.The next game was the Broncos and the Raiders. The Broncos destroyed the Raiders 41-17. Broncos took control the whole time. The last game was the Rams and the Cardinals. The cardinals destroyed the Rams 31-14 keeping first place in the NFC West. Watch the Monday night game tonight!


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