Dolphins showed what they got

Thursday night game was two evenly matched games. We had the Bills against the Dolphins in Miami and the dolphins sent the Bills home for a long trip. Going into this game the teams had an even record and trying to catch up to there first place team in the division. They are both in the AFC East and were pretty close. Patriots lead the AFC East and the Dolphins are now right behind them. The first half was really close and the Bills had the lead. But after half time, the dolphins really wanted the win. As the bills put up another 3 points the dolphins put what they had on the field and put up 9 to take the lead. going tint the 4th the Bills had no chance when the dolphins just marched down the field and got more points. At the end of the game the Dolphins beat the Bills 22-9 letting no points in the 4th. Dolphins are now ahead of the Bills and are catching up to the Patriots slowly.


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