Weekends Game

This weekend we had some good and surprising games. First game we had The browns against the Texans where the Texans showed exactly what they have in them. Texans aren’t doing the best this year, they are better then what there record shows. They went in being 4-5, while the Browns were better with a record of 6-3. Both teams aren’t that good this year, but the Texans showed what they had. The Texans beat the Browns 23-7 only allowing a touchdown in the 2nd quarter. The next game was the Vikings and the Bears. Both teams were very evenly matched now tied in the NFC North but the Bears are slightly ahead because they beat the Vikings. The vikings took the first quarter scoring 10 points and not letting up nothing. But after the start of the second quarter the Bears knew they had to step in up. They did scoring 2 touchdowns to take the lead going into the second half. Bears beat the Vikings 21-13. The next game was the surprise game. The amazing Denver Broncos lost to the alright team, the Saint Louis Rams!!!! The Rams really showed what they had and played hard. They hurt 3 of theBroncos receivers so Denver didn’t have much to pass. Starting off right from the beginning the Rams showed the strong side to them. Denver is the first place team in the AFC West, and the Rams were only 3-6. There not good this year but they really showed the Broncos up. The Rams beat the Broncos 22-7 for an embarrassing loss for the Broncos. The next game was the 49ers and the Giants. Both teams aren’t that good but the Giants are a little worse. The 49ers were 5-4 while the Giants were 3-6 which showed in the score. The 49ers beat the Giants 16-10 for a close game. The next game was a bad game to watch because this team hasn’t won one game! Oakland Raiders are horrible and are 0-10. They lost to the Chargers, who were 5-4, beating them 13-6. Not much to talk about that game. The next game was a really good game to watch between two really good evenly matched teams. The Eagles who are first in the NFC East against the Packers who are tied for first in the NFC North. Both teams are now 7-3 after the great game when the Packers destroyed the Eagles 53-20. Packers took the first half and just showed them what they had. The next game was two not so good teams. The panthers lost to the Falcons by 2 points. The Panthers had no chance until the last quarter where they scored two touchdowns but not enough to win the game. Panthers lost 19-17. The next game was the Bengals and the Saints. Teams are decent, just not the top in the NFL. The Saints lost to the Bengals 27-10. Bengals scoring points each quarter. The next game was the last year Superbowl Champions losing to the Chiefs. The Seahawks are dropping in the NFC West, but are still good this year. The Chiefs are doing great this year and beat the Seahawks 24-20. The next game was the Buccaneers against the Redskins. Both teams are horrible but the Buccaneers beat the Redskins 27-7. The next game were two very good teams facing off. The Cardinals only have one loss and got the win. The lions are first in the NFC North, while the cardinals stay the top one in the NFL. The Cardinals beat the Lions 14-6 scoring all of there points in the first quarter and just holding the Lions back. The last game was a great face-off. The Patriots keep moving along beating the Colts. Both teams have lots of talent but the Patriots are cruising along. Patriots were alive the entire time and beat the Colt 42-20 keeping first place in the AFC East. All the games this weekend were great. Now just wait until next weekend.


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