Little NFL Update

Monday Nights game was a weirdly close game. The Titans arnt that a good of a team but the held in there on Monday against the Steelers. Titans are now 2-8 one of the worst records in the NFL. They played a great team, the Steelers who are now 7-4 and second in the AFC North. The Steelers scored 13 points in the first quarter, while the Titans followed with 7. In the second quarter the Titans then took the lead going into the half, beating the Steelers 13-17. In the third quarter the Titans kept pushing the steelers around scoring a touchdown. But in the forth the Steelers threw everything they had and scored 2 touchdowns to take the win 27-24. Way to close of a game for a good team against a bad team. A reminder of the Thursday night game on tonight, which is going to be an obvious win. The Chiefs who are 7-3 tied for first in the AFC West, go against the last place team in the NFL. The Raiders are 0-10, have not won one game this year. There going against a good team and there is no chance of them winning. Might be a boring game to watch but would be good to just click in to see how bad its going. Keep looking at my website for my NFL updates. A couple good Weekend games this week.


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