Week 12

Starting out with the Bills and Jets, the game was postponed due to the huge snow storm. Next game was the Buccaneers and the Bears. Bears are better then the Buccaneers which showed in the score. The Buccaneers had the Bears in the first half but the Bears came out the second half ready to play and scored 21 points in the third quarter. Next game was a great game. We had the Patriots and the Lions both teams are good. Patriots hold the number one spot in the AFC East while the Lions lost there first place spot and are now in second in the NFC North. The Patriots beat the Lions on a 7 game winning streak, 34-9. The next game was an easy win the the  Colts as they went against the Jaguars. Jaguars have only won one game while the Colts are first in the AFC South. The Colts beat them 23-3 letting them get one field goal in the first. The next game was the Rams and the Chargers. Two good team but the Rams don’t have a great record this year. The Chargers won 27-24, with a close head to head game the whole time. The next game was a weird close games as the Dolphins almost beat the Broncos. Dolphins were winning all the way up until the last quarter when the Broncos played hard and scored 22 points. The Broncos won keeping there first place in the AFC West and winning 39-36. The next game was the Cowboys and the Giants. Cowboys are doing good this year but had a close game against the Giants. The Cowboys won 31-28. The next game was the Falcons against the Browns. Another close game that shouldn’t have been so close as the Browns beat the Falcons 26-24, almost letting the Falcons come back in the last quarter. The next game was the Bengals and the Texans. Texans aren’t playing there best this year as they lost to the Bengals 22-13. The next game was the Packers and the Vikings. The Packers have been a very strong team this year. They are first in the NFC North  and have a great record. They beat the Vikings 24-21. The next game was the Eagles and the Titans. The Titans are horrible this year while the Eagles are good this year being first in the NFC East. Eagles started off right from the beginning scoring 17 in the first. They beat the Titans 43-24. The next game was a great game and stopped this great streak from the Cardinals. The Cardinals only had one loss and the Seahawks gave them another loss. The Seahawks only let them score a field goal in the second and held them the rest. The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 19-3. The last game was the Redskins and the 49ers. The Redskins are bad this year and they still held there own against the 49ers. The 49ers won 17-13. Tonight we have the Monday night game, but we have 2 because the Bills game was postponed until tonight. So we have the Bills verse the Jets and the Ravens verse the Saints.


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