DA: Packer Nation is Left Picking Up Pieces

CBS Local Sports


By Damon Amendolara

In all the hubub and hyperventilation surrounding Deflate-Gate, we are ignoring a fallen comrade. Has anyone noticed that giant block of cheese that’s been run over by a 16-wheeler and left in the freezing cold on the side of the highway? That’s Packer Nation, which is psychologically damaged and wondering how to pick itself up this week.

By now you know the story. With a 19-7 lead and just 5:00 to play Sunday, the Packers intercepted Russell Wilson yet again. Morgan Burnett, the man who picked it off, slid on the turf. The game seemed so cemented Green Bay was taking a knee. The Packers would be going back to the Super Bowl. I sarcastically tweeted: “And Roger Goodell will be rewarded for his strong leadership this season w/ Aaron Rodgers vs. Luck or Brady in the SB.” Boy, I had gotten ahead of myself like Burnett.

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